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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Jaime #19215Female/United States Group :iconworld-of-arkea: World-of-Arkea
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✖ About Me ✖


Jaime | ♀ | ♑ / ♒ | 17 | Taken | ISFJ / INFP

Demisexual & Demiromantic with a male only preference*


** Username! My username comes from my very first Tokota's name(Icarus). He's kind special to me, even if he has a simple design. I'm working on getting him from a Submissive status all the way to Dominant status, which will require a lot of work on my part. So in a sense, he's like my little 'king'~ ♥

Interests: Tokotas, Horses, role playing, canines, felines, art, photography, pixel art, video games, hikes, swimming, movies, dinosaurs, soft colors, being/talking with friends, drawing, writing.

Likes: Hellsing, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Pokemon, Homestuck, winter, autumn, warm-dry weather, swimming, my dog, horses, canines, my cat, being stress-free, being around my friends, video games, really good fanfiction, watermelon, candles.

(*Demisexual/Demiromantic- for any who don't know, "Demi" as a sexual/romantic attraction means that you only experience it after a strong bond has been formed.)


I love these people

(Psst; you should love them too.) (No order)
:icondemonfoxkyubi: :iconsamurai-same: :iconcat-scratchess: :iconlost--july: :iconmedicmatt17:

My Inspirations

(No Order)
:iconkyoichii: :iconsamurai-same: :iconneko-raccoon: :iconmute-owl: :iconslugged: :iconcasthepizzaman: :iconabosz007: :iconrateeth: :iconwhite-haman: :iconludiiicrous: :iconlucl: :iconblasticheart: :iconikodi: :iconmamaelm: :iconwesternspice: :iconlost--july: :iconcat-orb-stables: :iconwolfdrawings1: :icontintedgreen: :iconlilaira: :iconhlaorith: :iconenharmonia: :iconscutterland: :iconunbreakable-warrior: :iconpetrifiedpossum: :iconstarreeskies: :icontsunboys: :iconreeiden: :iconeverlastingstables: :iconabsolutejackass: :iconinfernolynx: :icondoq-maid: :iconikiuni: :iconp-ond: :iconcanisalbus: :iconsiriuslylostwerewolf: :iconilanni: :iconcoyotesoot: :iconnewvoh: :iconvvivaa: :iconjealousapples: :iconmotok: :iconamuroumbra: :iconsillythewolf: :iconskelefrog: :iconremarin: :iconking-chimera: :iconqueerly: :iconbitterbile: :iconmadcarnival: :iconrad-pax: :iconnepsah:

My Biggest Inspirations

(No Order)
:iconkyoichii: :iconludiiicrous: :iconblasticheart: :iconikodi: :iconlilaira: :iconunbreakable-warrior: :iconpetrifiedpossum: :iconstarreeskies: :icontsunboys: :iconreeiden: :iconinfernolynx: :iconikiuni: :iconp-ond: :iconcanisalbus: :iconsiriuslylostwerewolf: :iconilanni: :iconcoyotesoot: :iconsillythewolf: :iconskelefrog: :iconking-chimera: :iconqueerly: :iconbitterbile: :iconmadcarnival: :iconrad-pax: :iconnepsah:

✖ Dear, Matt ✖

[ May 23rd, 2013 ]

I love you <3 You don't know how happy I've been since you came into my life. I know I'm rough at times and I snap, but I never truly mean it. I could never hurt you. Not now, not ever. I love you too much to even think of it. I don't want anyone else. I only want you. You're my one true love.

But it's only if you want me to be. And it's like you tell me; you want me to be. And I want you to be my everything. I may not seem as protective as I say I am, but that's because I'm shy and I've never felt this much love for anyone else before in my life(Well, maybe my sister, but she's family). I love you, Matt. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you and I know you feel the same.
And I know, we've had our moments where I’ll scare you by accident and with no intention, or I’ll upset you without knowing and feel like shit and apologize a split second later; hugging and kissing you until you smile. And we've also had weird occurrences where we’ll do the same thing, or for instance, wear the same thing. It’s kind of odd, yes. But I guess you could say it shows how deep of a bond we have. And I love it. (:
And I honestly can't wait to spend the rest f my life with you.

I love you baby. <3
~ King-Icarus
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✖ Art Status ✖

Point Commissions OPEN

Point Commission Prices

Paypal Commissions NOT AT THIS TIME

All artwork is © 2015 Jaime H.
Please do not edit, directly copy, trace, reference, crop, re-distribute, publish or upload my artwork without my written permission.

(Not putting full last name for Privacy reasons.)

✖ Dragon Cave ✖

You can find me on now~ 

No deviants said I have the same Username on there as I do on here.
No deviants said Feel free to follow me on there~


Sep 3, 2015
7:14 pm
Sep 2, 2015
8:40 pm
Sep 2, 2015
7:11 pm
Sep 2, 2015
7:00 pm
Sep 1, 2015
7:13 pm

Kujaro Journal

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 30, 2015, 5:20 PM

Current Kujaros


Salem 67 by KujaroAdmin
Salem 67 | Salem 67 - XP Tracker | Handler: --


None at this time. 


Joined the Group +15 KD (8/29/15)

♥ May 23rd, 2014 ♥
:bulletblack: cell-mates :bulletred:

✖ Tokotas ✖

:icontokotas: | Tokotas
Faction: Pack Leaders
Pack Name:
Icarus 3997 | Import | Tracker | Pack Rank: Alpha Male
Kalinka 4048 | Import | Tracker | Pack Rank: Beta Female
Quartz 4497 | Import | Tracker | Pack Rank: Beta Male

✖ Salikos ✖

:iconsaliko-tribe: | Saliko-Tribe

[ Tatra | Female | Sobiri ]
Aedin Tatra 129 by Saliko-Archive

✖ Kujaros ✖

✖ Raptors Squad ✖

(Because I can't help myself.)

✖ Other Info & Links ✖

Current Mood:

Me at School
Anime: Gangsta.

[Known As; King-Icarus | BleachTheNight | Bleachmegafan809 | BMF809 | BleachFan809 | Bleach | Polar-Smelting ]
Pokemon X & Y Friend Code Info:
- Name: Jaime
- Code: 5112-4148-4594
*You have to tell me who you are on your 3Ds and your Friend Code as well*


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