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✖ About Me ✖


Jaime | ♀ | ♑ | 18 [01.18.98] | Taken [05.23.13] | INFP-T


Interests: Art, video Games, horse back riding, roleplaying, being around horses, Biology, Astrology, Ancient Civilizations.

Likes: Winter, Tokotas, Kujaros, DracoStryx, Wolves, Horses, Drawing, Playing Viola, Destiny, Dragon Age, Warframe, talking and spending time with friends, Being around and talking to Matt, Biology, Astrology, Dinosaurs, Marvel, Pokemon, Mr. Robot, Until Dawn, Coming up with ideas, Astrology Aesthetics, Character Aesthetics, Star Wars, Left 4 Dead/2, Dragons, Concepts and ideas of magic, Fauna & Flora, Ancient Civilizations.

• I am/have...
  • A 2016 High School Graduate aiming to go to College for Equine Veterinary Medicine.
  • Going to be engaged sometime this year.
  • Susceptible to stress which causes me to shut down and shut out to most people outside of a select few.
  • Occasionally anxious and over think on a lot of things that come up.
  • I feel most at peace around Matt and Horses.
  • Usually agitated and rarely become anxious about loud or sharp noises(Loud barking, etc...).
  • Only recently started experimenting with make-up, primarily eyeliner and mascara.
  • Infatuated with Gods, Goddesses, and deities of different civilizations, races and religions. I find things like their morals, teachings, and so on, to be the most interesting. Reading and expanding my knowledge on them is probably a minor favorite past time. However, I try to stray away from some of the more prominent religions (Christianity, Judaism, Jehovah's Witness) for personal reasons.
  • A love for expanding my knowledge on horses. After all, I want to own and be able to help other horse owners by being a Equine Vet.
  • Very sympathetic and empathetic.
  • I have two dogs, one cat, one fish and two Guinea Pigs. While they may annoy me on the occasion, I still love them.

Programs: Photoshop CS4 & Paint Tool SAI


I love these people

(Psst; you should love them too.) (No order)
:icondemonfoxkyubi::iconderp-acolyte: :iconsamurai-same: :iconcat-scratchess: :iconlost--july: :iconmedicmatt17: :iconkhaleesidoth:

❤ Dear, Matt ❤


[ May 23rd, 2013 ]

Me being a Senior in High School, about to graduate and you diving into the world more than I ever could, means that we're going to go through some stuff. And I understand this. But we've been through so much already, it's amazing. Through the good & the bad, we've stuck by each other, unwavering and standing tall; supporting each other when we can't be close to each other for a while.

And I know that, lately, you've been asking and saying that if I didn't want you anymore, to tell you- and each and every time, I've told you that I want to stay by your side. I really do. I want to stick by you until the end, and even after the end. Like I said a while ago; You going off into the world will be just another notch in our belt.

I can't wait for you to come and visit when you can. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, which I'm hoping is soon. And I especially can't wait for you to ask me that big question you've been holding off on. Until then, I'll be waiting ever so patiently. ♥

I love you, Matt. I really do. ♥
- Jaime
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✖ Tokotas ✖

Art by rina-kisaragi

:icontokotas: | Tokotas

Faction: Pack Leaders

Pack Name:

Icarus 3997 | Pack Rank: Alpha Male
Icarus 3997 by TotemSpirit

Quartz 4497 | Pack Rank: Beta Male
Quartz 4497 by TotemSpirit

Qanik 8023 | Pack Rank: Beta Female
Qanik 8023 by TotemSpirit

Eirian 10329 | Pack Rank: Beta Male
Eirian 10329 by TotemSpirit

Tokota To-Do List

Rite of Dominance (Courage, Navigation, Respect, and Dedication) for Faramir 6980 for Freyjas-Sanctuary | Started (Courage- Completed, Nov. 20 2015) (Navigation- Completed, Dec. 18 2015) (Respect- Completed, May 22, 2016) (Dedication- Not Required as of 5/22/16) - C O M P L E T E

Tokota Wishlist & Hunt list

• Yeti (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
• Curly (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
• Black Tokota (Pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
• Dire (Any percent. Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
Piebald (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)

✖ DracoStryx & Kujaros ✖

:icondracostryx: | DracoStryx
1 breeding to Firiel (Proof of Purchase | Confirmation )

Astra 718 | Common Tyto | Female
Astra 718 by EyeOfGalyx
AP Tracker

Murmur 1916 | Common Corva | Male
Mumur 1916 by EyeOfGalyx
AP Tracker

Stryx Wishlist & Hunt list

Corva (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
Horned Tyto (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
• Sand Tyto or Corva (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)
• Soil Tyto (Color, pattern, gender, etc. doesn't matter)

:iconkujaros: | Kujaros
Kujaro Journal

Salem 67 | Hob
Salem 67 by KujaroAdmin

Ilannaq 91 | Jill
Ilannaq 91 by KujaroAdmin

Qalik 99 | Jill
Qilak 99 by KujaroAdmin

Kujaro Wishlist & Hunt list

None at the Moment!

✖ Groups ✖


(Groups I am active in.)





May 26, 2016
9:40 am
May 26, 2016
7:22 am
May 25, 2016
4:23 pm
May 25, 2016
5:11 am
May 22, 2016
7:41 am

LF Yeti Tokota

Wed May 25, 2016, 4:16 AM
I'll be graduating soon, and I'm looking for a Yeti to hopefully purchase if I get enough Graduation Money. Hell, if I get enough, I might try my luck at a Dire yeti. I doubt that, but eh. //shrugs/ We shall see!

    What I'm looking for: 
- Yeti Tokota
- Any color except for Tawny. (I'm not a fan of Tawny.)
- Any eye color. Could even be partially or completely blind. (I'd be fine with that.)
- Any gender. Female is preferred. (I have too many Males OTL)
 - If Female, I would like for her to be breedable to most Male Tokotas and some of my males. (Hell, if it's just Icarus, that'd be fine.)
 - If Male, I would like for him to be breedable to most Female Tokotas and my Female.

    What I can offer right now:
- HP
- AoAs
- Rites of Dominance
- Slots to Icarus (If anyone wants any.)

    What I can probably offer later:
- Points?

Skin by SimplySilent
Original Image by Voodooling on Tumblr.


I passed all my classes!! I'm absolutely golden!
Send help.
I want to remake my Titan AGAIN.
Save me from this turmoil.
Getting into the groove of drawing again. ♥
Going to be doing some drawing challenges from Tumblr! Some will involve some Destiny characters, and maybe some others?
If you want your character in one, let me know~! ^ ^
Just figured out Transparencies in Paint Tool Sai.
I feel pretty accomplished.



✖ Destiny & Warframe ✖

Destiny: The Taken King

Jaime Bloodborne | Harlow Corrae | Aurelia Moore

Fallen image & Character rendering © Bungie/Destiny


[E X C A L A B U R] | Eusebeia

Character rendering © Warframe

✖ Peafowl Friesians & Wyvern Wynnes ✖

:iconpeafowl-friesian: | Peafowl-Friesian

Wind Keeper by King-Icarus

Peafrie Foal Twins by King-Icarus(Left)

:iconwyvernwynne-horse: | Wyvernwynne-Horse

#022 Cinnaman Bun by King-Icarus
#050 WM Arsenic and Old Lace SOLD by MatrixPotato (Awaiting Transfer...)
#047 WM Miss Jackson SOLD by MatrixPotato (Awaiting Transfer...)

✖ Art Status ✖

Point Commissions OPEN

Point Commission Prices

Paypal Commissions NOT AT THIS TIME

All artwork is © 2015 Jaime H.
Please do not edit, directly copy, trace, reference, crop, re-distribute, publish or upload my artwork without my written permission.

(Not putting full last name for Privacy reasons.)

✖ Other Info & Links ✖

Current Mood:

Movie: Jurassic World | Me trying to catch my grades

Current Obsessions:

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes | Captain America: Civil War

:skull: by ebonred:skull: by ebonred:skull: by ebonred
[Known As; King-Icarus | King--Icarus | BleachTheNight | BleachingTheNight | Bleachmegafan809 | BMF809 | BleachFan809 | KingIcarus18 | Bleach | Polar-Smelting ]
Xbox One Gamertag: KingIcarus18

:rose: RIP Robin Williams (2014) :rose:
:rose: RIP Edd Gould (2012) :rose:
:rose: RIP Daniel Kyre (2015) :rose:
:rose: RIP David Bowie (2016) :rose:
:rose: RIP Alan Rickman :rose:


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